3@3 For Mon, 5/14: Supreme Court Legalizes Sports Gambling In All 50 States

Sports gambling now legal in all 50 States - Oh, Boy. More people betting the rent money on a sure thing...

1) "Ramblin' Gmablin' Man" - Bob Seger

2) "The Joker" - Steve Miller (I'm a rambler, gambler...")

3) "Lawyers, Guns & Money" - Warren Zevon

I'll BET ya every state is gonna make a fortune...BUT: Did you see what happened to the sports bookies in Vegas with their expansion hockey team....who are in the NHL Semi-Finals??? Check out this ESPN story: http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=23494056.

And did you SEE the opening of the series against Winnipeg? ONLY in Vegas!!!!!!



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