How the PC Richard & Son Whistle Achieved His Dream

The Whistle, with Jim & Shelli

The PC Richard & Son Whistle visited Jim and Shelli this morning.

Off-air The Whistle revealed that he was born at a steel mill in Pittsburgh in 1983. Whistle was raised by a strict Traffic Police whistle family who just didn’t understand him. The Whistle’s true love was in retail and he yearned to be accepted into the Conservatory of Appliances & Electronics (currently known as the Conservatory of Appliances, Electronics and Mattresses).

His Conservatory audition began with the bold decision to dance in silhouette to a Michael Sembello song. The climax featured a splash of water raining down upon The Whistle. This caused some temporary rusting and he was unable to finish. He ran out of the audition in tears (additional rusting). He feared the school’s judgement and rejection.

In the meantime The Whistle worked at the steel mill during the day and at night he would dance around the showroom at his local PC Richard & Son. It was only there that he could truly express himself. With the encouragement of his plucky co-workers at the steel mill, The Whistle finally gained the courage to audition one more time for the Conservatory.

The Whistle learned from his earlier misstep and successfully completed a dance number with moves he learned on the streets, expressing his love for quality appliances & electronics (later mattresses) sold by a family owned company.

He went on to become the official mascot of PC Richard & Son and the rest is history.

The story blew Jim’s mind.

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