3@3 For Monday, 4/30: The Closing Of B.B. King's...

How many shows have you seen at that great venue on 42nd St.? For me and Maria (and many of YOU), too many to count! If you raise the rent so high that an 18 year venue with mostly sold-out or full shows can't pay, what's the point?!

From John Entwistle to Peter Frampton, The Good Rats to Strawberry Fields' Beatles Brunch and everything in-between...Thanks, Guys, for all the great shows. If rent keeps going-up in NYC, there will be NOTHING left but banks and chain stores...

1) "When Love Comes To Town" - B.B. King & U2

2) "Lady Madonna" - Beatles ("Who will pay the rent?")

3) "Miami 2017" - Billy Joel (I saw the ruins at my feet...all the time on 42nd St.")

here's a clip of my bud Randy Bachman doing TCB last time he was here in February!

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