Sonstein Sunday: The House of Tomorrow, Surviving Theater 9

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Peter Livolsi

Peter Livolsi wrote & directed “The House of Tomorrow”, a coming of ager starring Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn as a grandma raising her teen grandson in a Geodesic dome house, inspiring him to carry on the legacy of architect/environmentalist and way-ahead-of-his-time visionary Buckminster Fuller. The movie also resonates with the power of music- in this case, punk rock. Peter joins me on Q104.3’s “Sonstein Sunday” this week at 7 am.

Kim Woodruff, Tim McGrath, Jacob Garrett

What happens AFTER surviving a mass shooting? Tim McGrath survived what was then the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, the July 20th massacre at the midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises”. He’s second from left in the photo. Jacob Garrett was just 12 at the time. His older brother pushed him to the floor, saving his life. Kim Woodruff survived the infamous mass shooting at Columbine High, 19 years ago. Such a difficult thing to relive. Which they all did on “Sonstein Sonstein” at 7:15am this week. Tim wrote and directed a movie about their recovery from PTSD, “Surviving Theater 9”, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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