Take Me To The Movies: Rampage, Beirut, Isle of Dogs


I didn’t see this. The highest paid man in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson, plays a primatologist whose BFF is a gorilla he raised since birth, the highly intelligent George. An experiment-gone wrong turns George into a raging giant. Other animals also go mutant. It gets 49% on Rotten Tomatoes with most saying the movie is dumb but, as usual, Dwayne Johnson is having a blast.


Also didn’t see this one, which is described as Jon Hamm’s best acting and role since “Mad Men.” He’s an ex-diplo who is sent in by CIA agents Rosamund pike and Dean Norris (of “Breaking Bad” fame) to save the friend he left behind. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 80%.

“Isle Of Dogs”

Opens wide this weekend. Wes Anderson wrote & directed this stop-motion animated tale about an outbreak of canine flu in Japan. It leads to all dogs being quarantined on an island. A boy travels there to rescue his pooch, voiced by Live Schreiber. Also providing voices: Greta Gerwig, Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray & Yoko Ono!!!! It gets 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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