My Annual Trip To The Union Carpenter's Apprentice Day!

Every year, I love stopping by The Union Carpenter's Apprentice Day, where they all compete to win tools: depending on their specialty, they have to build either a cabinet, a DOCK(!), a room (with door, windows,  and skylights), a footing cap, flooring and carpeting, or welding. Turns out I've got a pretty steady hand, and I just might become a welder to make some extra cash!

Even Maria is cheering me on! Thanks to the troops: my dear buddy from the FDNY Mike Hyland for always inviting me, Peter Shapiro (my welding assistant!), Cindy Lopez, Doug DeMarco- (Instructor "Dock Builder Contest" Local 1556), Marc Taylor (Assistant Welding Instructor Local 1556), Andrew Irenze - Floor Coverer (Local 2287), and Bobby Jernstedt - who just graduated Rutgers and wants a shot!

Welding as a career


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