Sonstein Sunday: 'Perfectly Normal for Me,' Lou Maurio

Catherine Tambini

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

Catherine Tambini directed “Perfectly Normal For Me,” which follows a group of school kids with cerebral palsy who find freedom & empowerment from an after-school dance program for the disabled in Queens. Props to the high school volunteers from Dancing Dreams in Bayside who donate their time to be partnered with each of the kids. Programs are also held in Manhattan and Glen Head. Catherine joins me at 7am on “Sonstein Sunday”.

Lou Maurio

At 7:15: Lou Maurio is a listener from Deer Park who reached out to me after he heard me tell Jim Kerr that he needed to meditate and let things go. Lou was a hardworking man in the NYC ad biz who ended up with a quadruple bypass from stress. His doctor/brother turned him on the practicing mindfulness, which he now teaches. Lou will offer us tips in mindfulness that you can use every day.

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