Jim Brickman Wrote a Christmas Song as a Thank You To Armed Forces

Jim Brickman Holiday Radio

This year, Jim Brickman released his new holiday album A Joyful Christmas, which he is also out on tour to support. And to keep the spirit going this season, Brickman guest DJ'd his own holiday radio station on iHeartRadio called Jim Brickman Holiday Radio.

On Jim Brickman Holiday Radio, fans can hear nothing but Christmas music, most of are which are from his own holiday albums (including A Joyful Christmas). But fans can also hear Christmas music from artists including Sia, Jon Mclaughlin, Fred Astaire, and more. 

Among Jim's own Christmas music, is a new song called "Christmas Where Are You" featuring Five For Fighting. Jim explains via Jim Brickman Holiday Radio, that the song is meant to be a "thank you" to all of the armed forces who are serving overseas during this time of year, and are away from their family and friends. He explained:

"When it comes to Christmas songs, let's face it, it's been said. Many times [and many ways. So, if you're going to do an original holiday song, I always feel like it should be a special one [with] a special message, an emotional one. This is a brand new song featuring my friend John Ondrasik from Five for Fighting. We wrote this song together as a 'thank you' to the men and women of the armed forces, who are serving overseas at this time of year. It's so hard to be away from their family and friends, and we just wanted to say 'thank you.'

Check out what else you can hear on Jim Brickman Holiday Radio:

Jim on the meaning behind "I Wish It Was Christmas All Year":

"This song features my good friend Anne Cochran. As we tour the country this season for A Joyful Christmas, if you come to see our show, you will hear this song, one that I wrote with Anne Cochran that is all about wishing that Christmas lasted a little bit longer than just a month, or at least the feeling of Christmas, and the spirit. Why can't it be all year long that we wish for peace, and hope, and love among each other

Jim on how he turned the classic poem The Night Before Christmas into a song featuring John Oates:

"We all know the poem The Night Before Christmas, and I always thought it was amazing that this lyric and this poem was such a standard, but never put to a melody. Well, I thought it's time to do that. So, I wrote a melody to The Night Before Christmas, I asked my friend John Oates from Hall & Oates to sing the song with me."


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