O.J. Simpson Brags About Still Having Heisman Vote, and He Used It

(TMZ) Fun fact for you ... O.J. Simpson will have a say in this year's Heisman race, because he's still allowed to vote and, according to the Juice, he exercised that right.

Simpson was out in Las Vegas Monday night celebrating his daughter Arnelle's birthday when he broke down the race for the Trophy, which will be handed out Saturday night.

He seems to be up on all the leading candidates -- which is a little surprising, considering he's had a lot on his plate this fall. Y'know, getting out of prison and all.

O.J. was never forced to forfeit his Heisman winning status a la Reggie Bush. So, even though his '68 trophy was sold at auction to pay the Goldman family -- Simpson still gets a vote, by virtue of being a former winner.

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Photo: Getty Images


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