3@3 For Mon, 11/20: "T-Rex" In Each Song!

We ain't talkin' dinosaurs here - Marc Bolan, one of the British glam-rock kings of the early 70's, with "Bang A Gong," "Jeepster," and many, many others...

1) "You better You Bet" - The Who ("To the sound of old T-Rex...and Who's Next.")

2) "All The Young Dudes" - Mott The Hoople ("I've need TV but I've got T-Rex")

3) "Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio" - The Ramones ("Do you remember Jerry Lee, John Lennon,                                                                                                     T-Rex and Ol' Moulty".)

P.S> In the clip of Marc Bolan & T-Rex below - check out who's playing PIANO!

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