PHOTOS: 26 Foods To Make Your Holidays Extreme

You think your Thanksgiving is extreme? Check out these out-of-this-world Thanksgiving foods! Hope you have some elastic pants handy...

1. TurbaconPhoto: Flickr/echoforsberg2. Turkey with Cornbread-Stuffing WafflesPhoto: carnaldish.com3. Meet Sir Plumple, Serious Eats' Thanksgiving-inspired Cherpumple... a Cherpumple is three layers of pie-pumpkin, apple, cherry-each baked into a layer of cake-spice, yellow, cherry, respectively-all stacked on top of each other... yeah.Photo: seriouseats.com4. Crumbled sausage mashed potatoesPhoto: Flickr/Steven Depolo5. Sweet Potato Donuts filled with Marshmallow from Zucker Bakery in NYC.Photo: Zucker Bakery NYC6. Cranberry Turkey Donuts from Zucker Bakery in NYC.Photo: Zucker Bakery NYC7. DuchikeyPhoto: Flickr/Joy8. Thanksgiving leftover Turkey sandwich...mmmm! A Thanksgiving feast in sub form.Photo: Flickr/Kristen Taylor9. Turkey Cake!Photo: Flickr/Kyle Nishioka10. Bacon Wrapped TurkeyPhoto: Flickr/M@ck11. Veggieducken for those vegetarians out therePhoto: Flickr/The Sporkful12. Latke-Crusted turkey stuffing fritters with liquid cranberry core and turkey schmaltz gravyPhoto: seriouseats.com13. Stuffing WafflesPhoto: seriouseats.com14. Pumpkin cranberry upside-down cakePhoto: Flickr/elana's pantry15. Pear & pumpkin fritters with cinnamon custardPhoto: Flickr/Renée Suen16. TofurkeyPhoto: Flickr/Pete Morawski17. Pumpkin-cinnamon streusel bunsPhoto: Flickr/Emily Carlin18. Pumpkin raisin-bread puddingPhoto: Flickr/Emily Carlin19. Mini pumpkin moussePhoto: Flickr/Kelly Garbato20. Pumpkin marshmallow chocolate chip cookiesPhoto: Flickr/Kelly Garbato21. Pumpkin ice cream & granolaPhoto: Flickr/Kelly Garbato22. Carmel pecan pumpkin cheesecakePhoto: Flickr/Cyn Furey23. Fried turkeyPhoto: Flickr/Gunther Hagleitner24. Food52's "Clananafouti Swamp Monkey". It included Raspberry Swamp Pie, Ginger Monkeybread, Cherry Clafouti, and Tender Yellow Cake, Banana Meringue Pie, and Mille Crepes with whipped cream!Photo: James Ransom/Food5225. A look at the inside of Food52's "Clananafouti Swamp Monkey"Photo: James Ransom/Food5226. Bacon apple pie ... only in 'muricaPhoto: Flickr/Mollusa

PHOTOS: Flickr/Carnal Dish/Serious Eats/Zucker Bakery/Food52


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