John Lennon's Murderer: Jesus Forgave Me

An old letter from the man who killed John Lennon has surfaced after it was sold online to a private buyer.

The 25-year-old document was from Mark David Chapman and addressed to a pen-pal of his called "Michael." It was sent from the Attica Correctional Facility, where Chapman was held following his 1981 murder conviction.

Chapman apparently found Christianity in the first decade-plus of his imprisonment, and was encouraging his friend to consider it himself. Writing that Jesus Christ died to forgive sins, even his own.

"I wanted you to know that you, too, can actually KNOW and FEEL this Savior. For he truly is one. I know."

He continued with a confession. 

"Twelve years ago I shot and killed the rock superstar John Lennon, formerly of the Beatles. There is a book that explains my motivations for this heinous crime, but let me say here that it was a horrible occurrence, I have never forgotten it.”

The company that sold the letter, Serial Killers Ink, which specializes in selling letters from famous criminals, reports that the letter sold within an hour of being listed.

It was obtained via the original recipient.  

Chapman is living out his days in a Buffalo, NY, prison, though he petitions every two years for parole.

Photo: Getty Images

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