3@3 For Thurs, 9/28: Playboy - We CELEBRATE The Life Of Hugh Hefner

Hugh passed last night at 91...and, trust me, unlike Mick Jagger, he got PUH-LENTY of satisfaction!

But, in addition to the boobs and bunnies, he was an early supporter of women's rights, rock and roll, and was against the Viet Nam War. He was Rolling Stone with T&A more than a decade before Jan Wenner. Thanks for the Lennon interview (and so many others)...and thanks for helping me get through puberty!

1) "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane

2) "Girls, Girls, Girls" - Motley Crue

3) "Centerfold" - J. Geils Band

AND - here's a little sumthin' extra: Early DEEP PURPLE on "Playboy After Dark"!

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