Jonathan Cain Says Journey Isn't Going to Break Up

Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain says the band won't break up over a recent White House visit by himself, bassist Ros Valory and singer Arnel Pineda.

Granted, Cain made the comment while being hounded by a TMZ paparazzo at LAX, and also disclosed that he and guitarist Neal Schon haven't spoken about the issue.

"I've not talked to him," Cain said. "I don't know what his feeling is."

When Cain was asked if the band would break up over the White House visit Cain responded, "No way."

Schon expressed his outrage last week about the visit, which he says was not band-sanctioned and violated a long-standing policy by Journey of steering clear of politics and religion. 

Schon has been about his power-struggle with Cain over the band's image. He's also clarified that Journey was invited to the White House multiple times under President Obama and never went. 

Cain is an outspoken Christian and his wife is televangelist Paula White-Cain, who is also the spiritual adviser to President Trump.

Schon has indicated he intents to wrest control over the group. He's also discussed doing more solo work over the next year.

You can watch Cain's encounter with the paparazzi below:

Photo: Getty Images

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