Interview: Sheryl Crow Talks Prince, 'Be Myself,' Her Good Genes & Her "Rock Star" Dad

Legendary singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow says she's enjoying music now more than ever before.

Crow got up early the morning after an intimate New York City show to play some songs and talk to Q104.3 New York's Jonathan Clarke.

"I've always felt like my best work is in front of me," she says. "But I'm more excited about it now, and I think largely because of my age...It means that I can just write for grown-ups and really love it and enjoy it and know that there is a huge population of people that feel like I do, and that still like to rock out and dance and have fun, but that care about the things that we care about."

On the anniversary of Prince's tragic death, Sheryl recounted her connection to the icon; Prince recorded her 1999 hit "Everyday Is a Winding Road."

"It was kind of funny because he changed the last verse -- the lyrics," Sheryl says. "'I've been swimming in a sea of anarchy / I've been living on coffee and nicotine.' And he changed it to 'I've been living on [compliments] and herbal tea.'"

Prince famously forbid his band and crew from drinking or doing drugs as long as they worked for him.

"It just kind of struck me because he was a mystery to everyone. He had this kind of sexual image, but he also had this profound humility when it came to God -- like he was a very spiritual person. But I loved him. I loved how youthful he was in his love for what he did."

Sheryl also discussed her "good genes" and her somewhat musical family. Her father, Wendell Crow, began playing guitar about 20 years ago. Now in his 80s, Sheryl says he plays in a working rock band. 

"He's like the kid who has the rehearsal space and the instruments and all the kids in town are like, 'Let's go over to Wendell Crow's and jam, man!'"

Keep an eye on for exclusive footage coming of Sheryl Crow and her band playing a mini-set for us!

Check out the interview below:

Check out Sheryl and her band with an exclusive version of "Everyday Is a Winding Road":

Here's the video of Prince and Sheryl Crow performing it together:

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