Ann and Nancy Wilson: Last Heart Tour Was Unbearable After Assault Incident

Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson say they don't speak much anymore and haven't been in the same room (except for a stage) since August 26, 2016.

The friction stems from an incident last summer in which Ann's husband, Dean Wetter, flew into a rage and assaulted Nancy's teenage sons during a concert when they left the door to Ann's trailer open. Police were called and Wetter was charged with assault; he spent the next several days in a jail cell. All parties have since agreed to a plea deal that will let Wetter avoid jail time when he's sentenced April 14.

With 20 dates remaining on their tour, the sisters began using different dressing rooms for the first time in their 43-year career and only communicated via third parties, according to Rolling Stone. Nancy called the final shows "excruciating," and even considered going home. Ann described it as "complete hell."

Both sisters feel hurt by the incident. Nancy says Wetter sent Ann to apologize for him. 

Ann says Nancy hasn't been open to accepting an apology, and wishes they hadn't gotten the police involved in the first place, since the boys provoked her husband and weren't injured. To that point, Nancy's management pointed out that it is a parent's obligation to inform police about assault.

"I don't think it was cool of her to try to cover for him," Nancy said. "I thought, if he was an adult, he would face it and try to explain the behavior. But that's never happened."

Ann says few people really understand Wetter's personality, and he's a victim of his own blunt approach. She says Heart probably won't get back together until the two families get help together.

"My side really hurt her side," Ann says. "Her side really hurt my side. We've got to let those heal and get some counseling."

Fortunately, it seems both sisters want to work it out. It may just be a matter of when they're ready.

"It's been more negative than it needed to be," Nancy said, "but I'm willing and ready to get back into a dialogue, with Ann in particular, about if we've still got Heart. I just know in my gut that me and Ann are going to be fine."

In the mean time, Ann is on a solo tour of the U.S. Nancy is prepping the release of an EP with her new band, Roadcase Royale, with Liv Warfield, Ryan Waters and most of Heart's last touring band, including Chris Joyner, Dan Rothchild and Ben Smith.

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