The Who's Roger Daltrey Says 'A Dead Dog' Could Have Beaten Hillary Clinton in Election

The voice of one of the most successful rock bands in history has weighed in on Brexit and Donald Trump's presidency.

Roger Daltrey of The Who came out in tacit support of Brexit last year, saying it was about how the "majority of [the U.K.] felt that their voices weren't being heard. It would have been nice to do a deal with Europe but they didn't want to do a deal."

When asked by NME his opinion of Donald Trump, Daltrey first blasted Trump's haircut and his attitude, then the Democratic Party.

"[Let's] put it this way: When you say that middle America and the Democrats lost it, but Trump didn't really win it -- because Democrats threw it away by putting [Hillary Clinton] up. A dead dog would have won it against [her]."

On Brexit, he clarified. "I'm sad we voted how we voted, but I think we have to go with it now. This country will always be alright, I don't worry about it. You know it's going to be bumpy on the way."

Daltrey joins Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten as two British rock stars to come out in support of Brexit this week.

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