Watch Yoko Ono Primal Scream Lowered 3 Octaves

posted by Andrew Magnotta -

Yoko Ono and her late husband John Lennon famously evangelized the benefits of primal scream therapy in the '60s and '70s.

The two even incorporated the technique into the albums they made together with the Plastic Ono Band

As unpleasant as it is to hear, it's easy to imagine how expressing political rage, personal regret and existential dread through a guttural shriek would feel kinda good. 

But one Redditor recently figured out a way to make Ono's screams—particularly one she, um...performed(?) an art show a few years back a bit more palatable: by lowering it 3 octaves!

Check it out above!

Of course, fellow Redditors loved it and the acerbic comments quickly began rolling in. 

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Ono still uses primal scream therapy to help here when she's feeling down, as evidence by a Tweet from last November.  

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