Roy Orbison's Sons Sue to Move Forward With Hologram Tour

posted by Andrew Magnotta -

The sons of rock and roll legend Roy Orbison are suing a former business partner in order to move forward with a hologram tour, starring the likeness of their late father. 

Orbison's sons Alex, Roy Jr. and Wesley struck a deal with Hologram USA in 2014 to work on the project. 

Two years later, since a prototype had yet to be produced—even though tour dates have been announced—the Orbisons tried to terminate the Hologram USA contract to enter into a new agreement with BASE Holograms, according to the Hollywood Reporter

But now Hologram USA has threatened its own lawsuit, accusing BASE of "tortious interference" and the Orbison men of violating a clause preventing them from communicating with a competitor about the Roy Orbison hologram show.

The Orbisons have asked a court to uphold their termination of the Hologram USA contract. 

It's not clear how the proceeding with affect the announced tour dates. Read more here

Photo: Getty Images