Young The Giant released Mind Over Matter, their new album. Touring with rock groups, The Kongos and Kings of Leon they discuss the bus accident, the album, Morrissey being a fan of their group and meeting with their label for the first time.

Jonathan asks Young The Giant about growing up and starting a band in Irvine, CA.,

"It's actually a pretty warm community for musicians. There's a great local scene because there's really not much else to do except play music...It's just a great community to be in and there are some great musicians that have come out of Irvine, we are proud to be some of them."

On Morrissey,

"Yeah we were performing Joe Hollands in the U.K. and he just happened to have his T.V. on and he became a fan and ended up having an email correspondence with him. He's a very strange brilliant guy."

You can hopefully see them perform at PNC, Aug. 28 with Kings of Leon and The Kongos. Watch the full interview below.

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