The Last Internationale performs the album titled song, "We Will Reign" off their new album on Out Of The Box. Jonathan Clarke asks where the group came up with their name. Edgy Pires explains that it comes from The Internationale, an umbrella organization in Europe that covers many different working class organizations. It spread around the world and there have been several Internationales but they no longer exist. The group was inspired by them so they applied "The Last" to the name and that's how they came up with it.

The Last Internationale worked with Tom Morello and Brendan O'Brien on this album, which only took them two and a half weeks to cut.

Singer Delilah Paz on the album, "It ran so smoothly, it was effortless."

Jonathan talks with Brad Wilk about being the drummer on The Sabbath's last album and asks him what that experience was like?

He says,"It was great, it was a little intimidating at first because I grew up listening to them and trying to be Bill Ward. It was an awesome experience though. It took me about a week to kind of get over the fact that I was doing it and it just became very normal..."

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