The Dirty Heads perform "Sound Of Change" on air live in the studio, which is also their title track for the album. 

Jared "Dirty J" Watson describes what the song is about,"It's one of the first songs we wrote for this album and when we got what the song was about and the name "Sound Of Change" and since, we wanted to evolve and do something different on this album we thought it was very fitting. Not only "Sound Of Change" is the band changing and evolving, but also the message of the song that if there's something wrong in your life and you want to change don't be scared of it or if there is just change coming your way it's something that's always constant so embrace it and try to find the silver lining even if it's a bad type of change. Don't be scared of change is what we're pretty much saying."

The California natives dish on working with Billy Preston and Slash, being influenced by reggae music and "My Sweet Summer" a track from off the album.

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PHOTOS: The Dirty Heads In-Studio


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