Nothing More who has a new self titled album drops in to chat it up about their new video, touring, creating tour buses and the Spurs. The group, Nothing More hails from San Antonio, TX so naturally they are excited about the Spurs bringing home the championship for the NBA Finals.

Johnny Hawkins of Nothing More says, "Oh yeah, we are a very happy city right now but unfortunately we were in the U.K playing Download Festival and we were camping in a tent for the whole thing so we had no cell phone reception or anything."

Daniel Oliver of Nothing More has a niche for making over the groups touring vans. He goes through the various vehicles he made over for the group to tour in over the years and the RV he got up and running that he found abandoned in a field next to his grandma's house for them to tour in at the start of their career. 

Jonathan Clarke asks Nothing More about the visual for their new single "This Is The Time" that was directed by Frankie Nasso. The video as shot in L.A. and took three days to shoot. Each member goes into detail about their experience on set of the video.

Johnny goes into detail about shooting under water saying, "It was a totally new experience" and Daniel says, "The first day was all the live performance shots and we're standing in like three inches of water and there's water coming down, millions of watts of lighting everywhere and you know this can not be safe."

You can catch Nothing More performing at The Prudential Center in October.

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