Mike Peters, member of the 80's rock group, The Alarm chats about singing through beating cancer twice, his charity, recording the longest song ever and also performs, "Breed Apart" from his album, The Alarm Declaration.

Jonathan asks Peters about the Mt. Everest story,

"We started a charity called Love, Hope, Strength because I could see a mountain from where I was having treatment and I vowed to myself when I get better I'm going to climb that mountain. I met a Texas gentlemen in SXSW and I told him my ideas and he said well why stop at a mountain in Wales lets go all the way, lets go to Everest."

Peters sheds some light on beating world records. In 2007 Climbing 18,000 feet to Kalapathar, the highest gig in the world at the time. Now he's going for another record by recording the longest song ever for a charity in the Holy Land helping to save lives in the middle east.

Mike Peters will be playing at The Iridium Wednesday, Jul 30. and also on August 9. Watch the full length interview below to get all the in-depths details below.

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