Lily Allen stopped in by Out of the Box to chat about her new album, Sheezus

Allen shares where she got her inspiration for the album title. The inspiration came from the well known American hip hop recording artist, songwriter, recording producer and film director Kanye West. 

She talks about how she worked with West almost 8 years ago on a song by the title of "Driving Me Wild", which was a song for Common. Sheezus is Allen's 3rd studio album, she is going on her 12th year of being in the business. She's had a television show and her own label which includes the artist Cults, Tom Waddle and a new artist Freddy Dickson. 

Allen has two young children, one and two years old. She has a lot on her plate when it comes to being a mother and artist. She plans to go with the flow and feels that everything will work out. 

The video "Our Time" was shot in the back of a London Cab, Allen plays four different people. The song is about "Getting home from work on a Friday, turning your phone off and just enjoying the company of other human beings." Check out the Video and photos of the interview! 

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