Joe Satriani sat in with Jonathan Clarke on Out of the Box to talk about the release of his new book, Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir, Joe Satriani: The Complete Studio Recordings and The G4 Experience. Satriani, also know as the Guitar God wrote a detailed memoir about his journey to stardom. Throughout his career Joe and his tech, Mike Manning kept notes of his records just in case he needed to go back to try one of his techniques again, which ultimately came in handy when writing his book. Also, working with co-producer and engineer, John Cunniberti who worked on most of Joe’s albums and was also his live sound engineer for his band, The Squares helped confirm details as well. Joe expresses his love for bands like Led Zepplin and The Rolling Stones and discusses why his band, The Squares didn’t make it and their unreleased music. The guitarist, talks about his experience with his second band, Chickefoot and band mates Sammy Hager, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith.

The 30th anniversary of Joe Satriani’s first album, Out of this Earth will be in 2016. On what goes through his mind when he sees The Complete Studio Recordings Joe says, “It’s funny you know, when you look at the box set it feels a bit more tangible, it feels like a real careers there.” Joe briefly discusses The G4 Experience, a four day and four night clinic where Joe gives advice and teaches inspiring musicians about playing instruments and performing.

Watch the entire interview below.

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