James Bay puts on a show with his band mate, Jerry during his interview with Jonathan Clarke. Performing songs off his newly released EP, Let It Go, James delivers a live performance on air of "If You Ever Want To Be In Love" and "Hold Back The River."

James talks with Johnathan about busking on the beach and in the streets of Brighton, England. It was the first place he went to when he moved away from home. He reminisces on his greatest busking memory,

"A big long road called, New Road, which is outside of the theater and big venue. It was like taxi's could come down there and a few cars but it was pretty central so there were a lot of people walking around. Busking one day, I gained quit a crowd, there must have been like, it got to be 200 or so people and all the cars like they were trying to come down, they were like honking their horns and stuff and everybody was just like shut up, just hold up. The cars had to wait, they had to wait for me to finish the song cause there were people dancing in front. Brighton's a great place, I would recommend it."

James gives a little background insight on fixing up his dads old guitar and learning to play it by ear. He admits he tried to take lessons but was impatient because it didn't really seem to help improve his skills. He then decided to just play records and copied them until he got it, which turned out to be the easiest way for him.

James Bay has a show in New York City at the Irving Plaza Nov. 5. Check out the full interview and his live in-studio performances below.

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