Graham Nash talks with Jonathan Clarke about the making of the CSNY 1974 Compilation Box Set, which has already been submitted to the Grammys. The compilation includes 3 CDs, a DVD with footage of 8 songs and a 188 page booklet. The deluxe edition includes 6 vinyl discs as well. There are also 40 unreleased tracks on CSNY 1974 and the cover shot was taken at Oakland Coliseum with 80,000 people in attendance. Alongside Nash, Joel Bernstein was the co producer of the project and also took all the photos that are featured in the booklet except for one.
Nash spoke on “trying to find the best performance of every single song” and discussed how why “Ohio” is the best representation of the compilation. The story behind the song is from the Kent State incident, which a lot of people were affected by during that time. The band released “Ohio” after their hit “Teach Your Children” was making it’s way to the Top 20. Nash stated that the band felt “it was more important that America knew we were killing our own children then having another hit record.”