Godsmack comes through with a new vinyl album, 1000 HP. The group is currently out touring and will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary as a band, February of next year. 

Jonathan asks Godsmack about their worst gig ever. After pondering on their early career performances they share a story about one of the most important shows of their career that actually led up to the group being signed. After three years of the band working together, they began gaining local success selling out everywhere, sold 20,000 records on their own and radio stations where playing them everywhere, they were beating out national bands on a local level.

Sully Erna talks about the show,

"We set up a gig at a place called, The Tank, in Revere, Massachusetts. We had the attorney there and our management there, the record labels came in and we're like we're gonna kill this. Wait til' they see this ban this club only holds what 300-400 people max, we we're gonna like kill it we were already playing for way more than that and sure as hell man we get out there and nobody showed up and we're just like we're dead, we're so dead, there goes our record deal. Yeah we were playing to like 30 people that night or something but they signed us anyways."

Godsmack who's devoted fans have helped the rock band's last three albums debut at number one, on the Billboard album charts. Grateful for their continued success they are pushing for 1000 HP to go number one this week. They're excited to try and break the record for a rock band having four consecutive number one albums.

Watch the full-length interview below to get all the details on the album's title track, how the idea came about and who's car was used on the intro of the track.

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