Adam Ferrara, infamous host of the car enthusiast show “Top Gear” stopped by this morning to talk about what has been going on in his life lately.  The host and part-time comedian talked all about the next season of top gear, his driving play list and the newest addition to his cars! 

Ferrara, who has hosted Top Gear for the past 4 seasons, talks about filming the second half of season 4.  He talks about the wild rides and even driving through the canyons and on Native American property out west! 

He also talked a whole lot about his newest car.  A monster 1970 Buick Electra that was even featured on his show.  He explained that he only has three cars, one for himself, one for his wife and of course the monster classic. 

Along with talking about his new car, Ferrara also talks about the music he likes to drive too.  A play list which includes hit songs from ACDC, Jimmy Hendrix, and Collective Soul.  Check out the whole interview!