Is there anything to worry about?  For years they've said accidents are up, emergency room visits, etc.  But the scientists finally crunched some numbers, based on actual events, and have said there is nothing to indicate that any Friday the 13th in the past had any more incidents than any other day.  In some cases less. Probably because we're more careful. (Although I've recently seen new facts that say there are more accidents on Friday The 13th, but this wasn't from our was in England.)

But explain this.  One year I was driving in Los Angeles and had 3 near accidents.  One was when someone rear ended me.  Then I got out of the car and another car hit me (minor injury nothing serious) and I get back in the car and drive to my Grandmother's house.  Before I went down the street I looked ahead and saw no movement in any driveway or any other cars moving on the street.  Keep in mind at this point I was "Gun shy."  So I proceeded down the street and halfway down a car pulls out of a driveway and almost hits my driver's side door.  He stopped a couple inches shy.  All this as on a Friday the 13th, the same day.  I called my dad and said this is bizarre.  His response, "What's wrong with you!"  Typical of an Italian father.

After going to a workshop for actors that evening, a picture that had been up on a wall for years just decided to fall on me.  Needless to say I quit driving for two months.