KISS are refusing to perform when they're inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10th in Brooklyn, New York.


A list was compiled of the "10 acts who ruined their own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony”:


Guns N' Roses - Axl Rose refused to attend their 2012 induction, and requested that he "not be inducted in absentia."


Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1993 - John Fogerty was cordial to former bandmates Stu Cook and Doug "Cosmo" Clifford during his acceptance speech, but then refused to have them perform with him.


Sex Pistols - 2006 - None of the members showed up.


Blondie - 2006 - Deborah Harry refused to let former guitarist Frank Infante and bassist Nigel Harrison perform with the band, despite Infante's pleas at the podium.


The Supremes - 1988 - Diana Ross was a no-show.


The Beatles - 1988 - Paul McCartney was a no-show as he was not on the best of terms with the rest of the band over some business issues.


Grateful Dead - 1994 - Jerry Garcia was a no-show, but the rest of the Dead, all decked out in tuxedos, brought up a life-size cardboard cut-out of their leader. And ironically, every member of the Dead was inducted, which is what Paul Stanley wants to see happen with KISS.


The Band - 1994 - Levon Helm was a no-show, leaving Rick Danko, Robbie Robertson and Garth Hudson to play with the house band and special guest Eric Clapton, who inducted them.


Van Morrison - 1993 - A no-show.

Van Halen - 2007 - With Eddie Van Halen in rehab, Alex Van Halen opted not to attend, as did David Lee Roth, leaving Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar as the lone members.


Pink Floyd - 1996 - Roger Waters was a no-show as he was still on the outs with the rest of the band.


Black Sabbath - 2006 - All four members attended, but they refused to perform.