Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Vérité dropped by "Out of the Box" with Jonathan Clarke before her big Webster Hall show last week to talk about her humble start, waiting tables at Applebee's in Times Square and having a "rock star" dad.

Vérité also performed her song "Phase Me Out" for the show. 

Being an independent artist can be kind of a slog, but Vérité's dedication has begun to pay off. She responded to some of the positive press that's been coming her way, as she prepares to release her debut album, Somewhere In Between, on June 23.

"It's definitely validating in various ways," she says. "I think for me I keep my head down and low expectations and I assume everyone's going to hate everything I do. For me, any sort of praise or people...supporting what I do...I'm very grateful."

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Check out the full video of the interview and performance above!

Here's the music video for Vérité's cover of "Somebody Else" by The 1975: