So how did that waffle ban work out for you Waffle House? That sunken, hungover face on many of your co-workers, says it all: the US lost a heart breaker to Belgium in extra time.

Personally I look forward to going back to eating the foods from our friends in Flanders: Liege Wafels, frites, and really good, strong beer.

As Jonathan Clarke pointed out on Facebook yesterday:

Good thing no one thought to ban Brussels Sprouts. I like those. Roasted with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper... Mmmmmmmmmm so good.

And so ends Team USA's World Cup run. And so also ends America's brief flirtation with soccer. Until 2018 anyway.

So now lets get back to focusing on a world championship that we win every time*: The World Series! USA USA USA!!


*ok, ok, 1992-1993 not withstanding