Placement of items in a supermarket is a very well calculated social science. They have to factor in customer behaviors, psychology, shelf space, and a whole lot of things that Wharton business majors understand.

Which is why they keep the impulse items at the registers. Because even though you just came in for a Swanson's TV Dinner, now all of a sudden you need a pack of gum, some batteries, and a trashy, IQ reducing, tabloid magazine.

So of course they must keep the dairy items at the back of the store so it forces you to walk past EVERYTHING else and even though I just came in for a carton of half & half for my coffee, I probably should pick up that hot sauce, some hot dogs, oooo frozen peas, and a box of Rice Krispies. Wait, what did I come in here for again?

After all, those business majors know that the first things you want to grab when a disaster is about to strike is milk, eggs, and bread. Which they also tend to keep in the back of the store. I KNEW IT!! Apparently every one wants to make French Toast during a storm.

But no...

It turns out the reason why they keep the dairy items at the back is way simpler: The back of the store is where the loading dock is located. The best way to keep the ultra perishables in the freshest state is to keep them in the cold at all times. They come off the trucks and go right into the refrigerators.

So the reason is: "It's for our own good"

And now you know...the rest of the story

Consumerist: Everyone Knows Why Milk Is In The Back Of The Grocery Store


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