Despite assurances from our Ministry Of Truth in Economics, the economy is not doing very well in this country, and hasn't for a long time. Well maybe for the vapid celebrity class it is, but I'm not part of that and you aren't either.

But the fine folks at the classy book publisher Rizzolli, known for putting out amazing, well detailed photography coffee table books, are apparently aiming for the lowest common denominator. They've decided to publish a book of 352 Kim Kardashian selfies in April 2015.

But first, let me take a... Stop it. Just stop it! 

Why in the hell would anyone want this is beyond me. And I assume 352 photos because she can't count to 365, or that someone on the staff at Rizzoli pleaded not to have an entire forest cut down just to make the extra 13 pages per book to print this crap.

So, if you, like me, can't take seeing the culture of this once great nation clockwise spinning down the porcelain drain any longer, let's start boarding the buses, trains, and planes to Canada, where they send their worst here (i.e. Justin Bieber, Nickelback) and keep the best for themselves.


Photo credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram, Getty Images