Weekend Outlook

It’s the summer solstice. Time to get out the robes hoods and meet with the coven and have our secret meetings in the woods to pick the next presidential candidate. (That’s for you Maria Milito)...

But it is the solstice on Saturday and while we won’t have the 24 hours of sun like they do in Iceland, you’ll still need the whole day to compete the Astoria Tour de Bar 2014. Starts at noon and goes until, well, wherever you pass out. Pick up a wristband at Katch on Newtown Avenue and hit up 20 different bars with gin tastings, beers and BBQ. Only $30.

There’s a Craft Beer and Music Festival in Farmingdale on Saturday. 4pm at the Pennysaver Amphitheater. Matisyahu, the orthodox jewish rapper, who has been on Out Of The Box with Jonathan Clarke, is headlining.

If organized drinking isn’t your thing, but parades are, The Mermaid Parade kicks off at 1pm on Saturday. Our pal Jackie Martling was King Neptune 2 years ago. This year it’s de Blasio’s kids who are playing King and Queen.

State Fair Meadowlands begins on Saturday and runs through July 6th. Free shows, free concerts, and lots of rides. Sounds fun if I liked going on rides. But I do love state fair foods!

And of course, USA vs Portugal in the World Cup on Sunday. I’m sure every bar is showing the game and running some sort of special. Ole!