Is it a holiday or something tomorrow? I got an email from the top boss saying that the office would be closing at noon today. Well that doesn’t help when we’re finished at 9am today. Where’s my half day!!!

To quote the Simpsons “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it”. I was hoping that Shelli would have smuggled fireworks over the Pennsylvania border for us to have on the show today, but nope. After all that would be “illegal”.

Air quotes aside, if you want to view legal fireworks displays you have plenty of options.

The Grucci’s are setting up tonight at Great South Bay in Oakdale. So if you’re heading out to Fire Island this weekend, you can catch those at 9. There’s also a display in Great River.

Tomorrow the Grucci family is going to be busy. They’re in Glen Cove for a show at 9. Valley Stream has one at 9:15. And there that’s little department store show going on from barges anchored in the East River. Brooklyn and Queens get their show back! Sorry New Jersey.

But that’s ok. Oceanfest in Long Branch is tomorrow. It’s the largest 4th of July celebration in the state, according to their website. Gerry Martire is broadcasting live from the festival from 4-8pm and then he’s sticking around for the fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks displays: Man do I miss the displays put on by the Bergen Hunt and Fish club in Ozone Park…

So keep the Q with you as your travel to your destinations this weekend. We’re doing 4 plays of your favorite bands.