There's a reason that they tell you (especially on the LIRR and NJ Transit) to watch the gap between the train doors and the platform edge.

And practically every American who visits London comes back wearing a Mind The Gap t-shirt because a) it looks cool and b) it's a really good reminder.

Well the reason you're reminded of this, if you didn't already know, is because you might fall in. It's not some old wives tale. It happens. Fairly often too.

Just today it happened in Perth Australia.

Thankfully commuters sprang into action, alerting the motorman not to move the train, and called for help. But then they had a brilliant idea. Rather than wait for emergency services to arrive, they all banded together and PUSHED on train to tilt it enough to free the man.

Watch the incredible video:

But I know New Yorkers would do the same. Although their motivation would probably be much different. A man torn in half by the train and the following investigation will delay the commute much worse than freeing him and carrying on with the day.