Are you ready for some Football!?! But not the football we know and love here in the United States.

No I'm talking about the biggest sporting event in the world. Not the Super Bowl. Not the World Series. Not even the Stanley Cup. It's some game called the World Cup. Yeah, I've never heard of it either. But many have. Soccer teams from all around the world will compete in Brazil this year. Apparently the US will be there too. We have a soccer team? Who knew?

Ok, ok. I kid.

Despite American's tepid embrace of the sport, the world will be watching.

But here's one idea to make soccer more interesting to us red blooded Americans: make it more extreme!

In Indonesia they play soccer with flaming coconuts, that shoot flames when kicked. Let's read that again: flaming coconuts that shoot flames when kicked!

Check out the video:

Ok, I'm on board. Bring this here, and I'll proudly chant Ole Ole at the stadium! I might even participate in a soccer riot or two!