Parents can be tough on their kids. Scratch that. Parents in the past were tough on their kids. Step out of line and dad would get the belt out of the drawer. Mom was pretty skilled at wielding a spatula. But today's parents want to be friends with their kids.

So that's why people on the internet are getting worked up on this one mother's way of dealing with her bratty kid. She took her daughter's coveted Katy Perry concert tickets and sold them.

One less at the concert. That's more Katy for me then. Rawr!

In the posting on the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page, Bjerke called her daughter a "spoiled brat" who doesn't deserve to attend the Katy Perry show, WDAZ reported.

I don't see what the problem is. She taught her child a valuable lesson, don't be a brat! And she did it without resorting to physical intimidation or violence. She should get a mother of the year award. Instead, she's getting the anonymous ire of the internet.

Well I'll give her the Mom of the Year trophy in May. Because her daughter won't be doing it anytime soon...