We all know this person. Never puts the phone down. Always taking and posting hundreds of photos to instagram. Then spends hours, carefully pinching, blurring, and finding the perfect filter. Maybe it will be Hefe over Nashville. Feeling artsy? Maybe Willow. I don't know about you, but I'm more of a Lo-Fi fan myself.

Oh man, double filtered all the way...

But having a pair of sunglasses that already filters real life might be taking things a step too far. Real life looks pretty good to me. I never once thought to myself, "Wow, the radio station would look so much better if I had a pair of Sierra filtered glasses on this morning." Never mind how douchy wearing sunglasses indoors looks. 

But a trio of friends has come up with sunglasses that do exactly this. Called Tens, these sunglasses will "give the world a similar look to that of an Instagram photo or polaroid picture."

Maybe you have $60 burning a hole in your pocket to spend on sunglasses that have only one filter. But I prefer the entire array that I can get from my phone and its apps. Heck, I can't even over saturate with the sunglasses. 

And if you can't over saturate a photo of my mediocre lunch, what's the point?


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