Waffle House, the sit-down diner chain best known for catching late night fights, has declared war on Belgium. Ok, not the nation, but Belgian Waffles.

With today's do-or-die World Cup game against Belgium, Waffle house is drawing their line in the dough and standing firmly behind Team USA.

It's worth noting that Waffle House does not offer Belgian waffles on its menu, (because that would be un-American), and they're urging US fans to boycott the waffles.

As the CBC points out:

Waffle House does not sell Belgian waffles, so it won’t take a hit if this boycott is implemented. Also, Belgian waffles are not from Belgium. So there’s that.

Hey CBC! Don't let facts get in the way of a good boycott, or we'll start boycotting poutine! USA USA USA, eh!