People will do the craziest things to get healthy.

One co-worker gave up eating bread and then moved on to giving up all carbs. Granted he lost 85 pounds and looks amazing, I'm not about to give up Spaghetti-Ohs any time soon. That's like half of the Jim Kerr food pyramid!

Shelli Sonstein does 1,500 crunches. The stomach kind. The only time I do 1,500 crunches is when I open a bag of chips.

I'd pay money to see the Alien pop out of there!

And now New Yorkers are spending up to $10 for a cup of fresh pressed vegetables. $10?!?!

Getting healthy today is crazy. Back in the "good old days" a healthy lunch was 3 martinis and a pack of smokes. I was born in the wrong time!

But there is something that might be more fitting for someone like me. And probably someone like you. It's called the Detox Retox. You do Yoga (blah) and drink beer (yeah!) at the same time. The trend is popping up all over the country. I just heard about one in Philadelphia.

Although, if I'm going to Philly, it's to get a cheesesteak from BOTH Pat's and Geno's, not to do the downward facing dog or climb into the yogi pose.

Clean living my ass! See I can still get into position:

I said get in to it, not get out of it. Now I'm stuck. Send help...