There's an old joke about having a bridge to sell. But I'm pretty sure that you could buy one if you wanted from the City of Detroit.

They're bankrupt and they're selling off everything and anything to pay down the debt. Want to buy a mansion? It's a bargain at only $1000. Of course, you have to live in Detroit...

I got this street sign for a steal. Literally!

The Silverdome, where everyone from Elvis, to Led Zeppelin, to the Pope have been on stage, where the Lions use to play, is selling off everything, piece by piece. Once it's all gone, they'll tear it down.

I may buy a stadium seat, because, why not. It's like $100. They're even selling the rolling hot dog cookers and the soda machines. (I mean, pop).

Now I can watch the Lions lose from the comfort of my living room! Thanksgiving will never be the same!!