If I was Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, I'd declare war on the United States. They already kicked our butts in 1812, they could do it again.

Settling a bet by sending a watered down "beer" is an act of aggression, as laid out by the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter of Rights. Or at least it should be.

Canada is known for great beers. Many with ABVs of 6% or more. Ever have a Labatt Ice? 6%. Molson Dry? 7%. Maudite? 8%. La Fin Du Monde? 9%. I have a 40oz of Labatt Dry that clocks in at 10.1%! They're not kidding around up there.

So why would the White House insult our neighbors (neighbours?) to the north with a honey flavored (flavoured?) beer, further insulting them because it's only a paltry 4.89% ABV

Maybe President Obama is just getting Canada back for inflicting Justin Bieber and Nickleback on us? Whatever. We still have the Stanley Cup. USA USA USA!