Forgive me for not paying better attention to the World Cup. Aside from the occasional tie game (seriously how can you win if you tie), this has been an exciting series. Ok, most of what I find exciting is off the field, but someone out there must find the games themselves exciting.

The biggest news so far, besides the alcohol flavored condoms, has been Uruguay's Luis Suárez. He bit someone on the field. Like Mike Tyson bit someone. Which is crazy enough, but he's done it before. In fact, people took out bets that he would bite someone, and 167 people won money!

So to celebrate (to me) the highlight of the World Cup, someone created a Pac-Man game with Luis Suárez as Pac-Man and the guy he bit, Giorgio Chiellinis, as the food. Pretty ingenious! I wish I had though of it.

Play it here.