Nirvana T Shirt, circa 2013. The original Come As You Are shirt is in a drawer somewhere in my parent's home. I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit anymore.

The second time I visited Seattle, the EMP Museum had a Nirvana exhibit, with tons and tons of photos and memorabilia.

First thing I did when I arrived in Seattle was grab a cab to Viretta Park, the unofficial memorial site for Kurt. The park is located just down the hill from his home and it was rumored that he would sit on these benches.

People who visit, leave their messages for Kurt. For legal reasons, I won't say if I left one too.

The Crocodile Cafe where Nirvana played in Seattle.

The rare B-sides record, re-released for Record Store Day.

And of course, I had to ring and run the door bell at Sub Pop.