I can't believe that Mr Skin has been around for 15 years already. I can't believe he's been lucky enough to turn every 13 year old boy's fantasy of watching nude scenes all day into a career.

To celebrate his 15th year, Mr Skin has compiled the Top 150 Nude Scenes Of All Time. Now we can't cover all 150 scenes, but we talked with Mr Skin about the top 15.

The selection process for the Top 150 was skintense and competitive, with 15 years of raw data, including total page views, as a factor in assembling the list. Each scene was graded in eight categories - scene length, body parts shown, lighting, cultural significance, erotic context, star power, Mr. Skin’s personal ranking, and user popularity on a five point scale.

The list is a true skintensive scientific analysis from the greatest celebrity nudity website in the world of the best nude scenes of all time!