Is it possible that no new movies are opening this weekend? I just checked Mr Moviephone, Fandango, Yahoo Movies and I can’t find anything new opening. Shelli didn’t mention any movies that she has recently gone to see either.

So maybe a round up of the summer movies that you might not have seen yet that are worth seeing:

Get On Up – The James Brown biopic. I remember Shelli saying she loved the performances in this one. It really captures the Godfather of Soul.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Everyone loved this one. Even the jaded critics. I was hooked just from the commercials with the constant playing of Blue Swede’s Hooked On A Feeling.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Yes, this is like the 7th one, but who doesn’t like a movie with talking monkeys?

Jonathan just told me that he still wants to see A Most Wanted Man, that was Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last movie. I remember Shelli saying she loved it like PSH loved heroin.

I hear the Hundred Foot Journey was great. That’s the Helen Mirren one where she owns a super successful French restaurant and fights the young upstart across the street. Cope saw this one. He thought it was ok. His daughter loved it. So a Venus and Mars rock show sorta thing I guess. But most people and critics alike did enjoy this.

Those are the ones that you may have missed this summer that are worth seeing. (Notice TMNT isn't there. Go see the original!!)

But if you’re feeling nostalgic, Forrest Gump is back in theaters for it’s 20th Anniversary. Has it really been 20 years??? Time to break out my copy of Dookie. Man do I miss Kurt.